Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Little Collages from Ancient Fabrics

It's been one of those times when I haven't been able to concentrate on making, and have also done very little often takes over and much as I would love to spend most of the day creating, but some of life took over in a good way with unexpected outings and visits from friends, a small commission to be done very quickly and a lot of written work, organising and family affairs....and eBay, which as anyone who has worked on it will know is very time consuming.....but needs must if I want to finance my ideas for the garden this year, and I do have lots of bits and pieces that I no longer need. My intention is to concentrate at the moment on selling my unwanted items before Spring and early summer set in, so that I can then work more in the garden and realise part of the vision I have for it and Open Studios.....and continue with this little collection of fabric collages intended for the new Etsy shop.

Plating with some Victorian shells.

Hand embroidered antique Ayrshire Work panel on the lining of a Victorian jacket.

Antique quilt fragment, and the Ayrshire work.

Another detail from the quilt panel & unfinished detail from another.

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