Thursday, 30 December 2010

Up to date at last

So I think I am up to date now, and have just been enjoying Christmas with my family. I've had two days off from the studio but have been completing some new 2D textile pieces at home, ready to take to an interview/presentation with the EAST textile group on the 8th January.
I bought a very tattered vintage quilt made from pieces of mens blue striped shirting, and it is this that I am using at the moment to continue the theme of my work....the weather has been too dull for me to take any photographs yet, so I will just leave the 3D work in progress ones with you untill I have the others....these are just pieces of fabric pinned onto the stands at the moment, and will probably develop in a slightly different way, but they are starting already to tell a story and I am thinking of names.

The "Family Dress" went to a new home too

The organiser, and curator of the Sotheby's show is herself an art collector, so I was very happy for her to purchase the "Family Dress" from the collection.
This was the one with my name on the brooch, and my own story in the accompanying booklet.

The Quilt "Fragment" had also been a Christening present, which is a lovely thought....although I shall really miss having this piece myself...I had hung it on a 19th century wooden Yoke, brought back from South Africa, and had expected to take them both home with me...but it will be cherished, I know, and I'm touched that someone else loved it as much as I did....I am planning another one at the moment, different of course as I would never repeat something...each thing I make has its own little story.

Sold at Sotheby's

I hadn't expected to sell any work at the Sotheby's show, so it was a wonderful surprise to find that Tricia Guild of Designers Guild had bought two pieces: The Collar:
and also one of the paper mounted works "Collar Fragment"

The Exciting Exhibition at Sotheby's

During our graduate exhibition at the New Designers Show in Islington( see older blogs), in July, I was approached by an art curator and journalist who holds regular exhibitions at Sotherby's in London and invited to be part of her next show in October.This was such a surprise to me, as I hadn't expected anything on this scale, and the thought of it was also a little scary...from college to the "deep end", so to speak.
The show, "Small Show Huge Talent" was held in October, in New Bond Street and was managed so well....technicians in white gloves to do all the hanging, and everything displayed perfectly. I was given a whole wall, so everything could be shown well.It was quite a difficult area to take a photograph in, so the one image I have here is not very clear and a bit dark...the actual lighting was perfect in the area though, and the work from the other artits, including another textile artist Lindsey Taylor, was very included a large model of the Tate Modern, made from sugar cubes! There was an article on Artsthread about the show in November, I'm not sure if it is still there. as I havn't looked for a while.

First Open Studios Event, and thoughts:

The Open Studios event came hot on the heels of my seting up the studio, and I was slightly nervous, not knowing how my work would be received amongst the painters and sculpters and recognised artists.
It was, however, such a wonderful experience, and a great encouragement as I had people in the studio non stop all much so that I couldn't leave it to visit the other artists! People were lovely, and I couldn't have wished for a better start to this step of the journey, of all, new friends have been made.
I am in the Barn, so my room is lovely and old with thick white walls ( one very damp!!) and an old heavy black beam.....a perfect contrast to the Victorian lace and white fabrics which I love so much.With the fabrics I use, it is also all about the contrast...the rich and the poor...I am still following on with the "Exquisite Poverty" theme of my degree collection, as I want to go deeper into a subject which is still very relevant in todays world of mass textile and clothing production to the detriment of many of the makers.
The inside of my door is very old, and by itself, with just one glove, is to me an artwork in itself; Here it is:

New Work On The Way

It takes me an hour and a half to get to the I'm not a driver, I have to get two busses, and then there is a 3/4 mile walk each way, but when I get into my room, it is like entering another world...all my things are around me, and there is the space to play, think and create without the distractions I would have at home. I have now realised how impotant it is to be able to have all the things that inspire me, on show, and to be able to take time to start new work, and just leave the early stages to see if it is right.
So at the moment I have the beginnings of a new body of work pinned on the dress stands, and laying on one of the tables...and filling my thoughts as usual:

Back At Last

It's hard to believe that eight weeks have passed since I promised to update my blog...I thought that once I had finished the degree, that I would have more time, but so much has been happening, that it has taken me up untill a Christmas break, to settle down to some writing and recording.
During September, I was busy setting up my new studio at Cuckoo Farm...furnishing it, and enlisting the help of friends and family to transport the bulk of my materials etc., it had to be ready for the Open Studios event, so there was no time to be lost.
Here are some early photos of the studio, but it is constantly changing, as new work appears.