Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Florence's Box from Ninelives Exhibition

Florence's Box, with Mehittabelle her talking cat.....the story to be published in a little book soon.
I hadn't made small artefacts before, preferring to work on wall pieces or art garments, so it was an interesting challenge, having a list to work through, and it was amazing to see the diversity of the work produced by nine different artists in the group.
One of the artefacts has inspired me to develop a whole new body of work, but I haven't been able to make a start on it just yet....but it will be exciting, and for sale eventually.
I have been looking for a "signature" collection of a certain item to work on, as my main artwork, for exhibitions travel around, and are not always suitable for smaller homes, and I think now I have it....I can never just make something for the sake of has to come from inside me, from the heart and emotions, and I cannot make something "just to sell", but think I may at last be able to reconcile the two practices without compromising getting on with producing the two's not always easy to get going with something that one knows is a real challenge, even though its simmering in your head, and sometimes I am not sure what to start first so end up putting it off and doing a bit in the garden or sorting out a cupboard or something....anything really to put it other words procrastination...and yet I so want to get going!