Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Indigo 2010

My collection for Indigo, Paris 2010 was finished just before Christmas.Since then it has been a family time of fun and sharing, however this week has seen me "back to work, but mainly with research and writing and much thought about my final major project.Threads may filter through from this collection, but I want it to be more about wearable textile art, and shall hope to carry the essence of my dissertation through it in stitch.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Ewa I Walla

This designer, who was featured recently in Selvedge magazine makes the most beautiful clothes in styles and vintage fabrics so close to my heart...some are almost painfully beautiful and un-appologetically feminine.They are both romantic and innocent at the same time, with an air of fantasy, history and the gypsy rolled into particular those made from antique lace and voile.Once again I am glad that I had designed my own collection before finding these, otherwise they may have influenced me...and it is important that my work comes from inside of me....however inspiring the work of others.
These dresses, however are from the Ewa I Walla Autumn/Winter 2009 Collection featured in .uk, and still have the beauty and character of the delicate ones from earlier collections. - UK Agent for Ewa I Walla - UK Agent for Ewa I Walla

Monday, 21 December 2009

Reem Alasadi's Designs

I love the combination of antique textiles and lace and the tattered victorian doll look.The garments evoke feelings of both past and with an edge, just gorgeous.

Re-connecting with my last

I have finally had a little time to re-connect with my blog and look at some inspirational work by other designers, after completing the construction of my dress fronts for Indigo,Premier Vision in the New Year.I love the work of Reem Alasadi,but I prefer to look at the collections of others, only after completing my own work, so that I know it is completely original.I shall add some images of my own collection, after it has been shown at Indigo, Paris in February 2010, but here are some from Reem Alasadi.

Vintage Clothing from Reem Alasadi - Wearable Art Blog

Vintage Clothing from Reem Alasadi - Wearable Art Blog