Friday, 27 February 2015

Has anyone else had a problem with not being able to up load images.....I have been unable to upload any for the last few days.....very frustrating as I'm getting ready to launch my etsy shop and none of the suggested hints in the help system seem to work.


Sea Angels said...

Are you getting the option to upload Ellen, have you checked that your layers are flat and your dpi is not too large and your saving as a jpg
Good luck
Hugs Lynn xx

Ellen said...

Hello Lynn, yes to all....I've never had a problem before, but now it is uploading as usual in the upload window, but when I click the "add selected" button it does nothing and I cant even close that that window.
I'm also getting a message that Blogger doesn't support my browser ( internet explorer...the one I have always had) and that this could be the problem according to the help page....they recommend changing to Google Chrome, but I don't really want to change my browser just for Blogger.
I looked on the help forum and it seems that this has been a problem for others last year....I did want to keep my Blog going so not sure what action to take now.
Ellen x