Saturday, 10 October 2009


Goodness knows what has been happening on Google since I last viewed my blog on Thursday.Today it decided not to recognise me or my password and after 4 attempts to read those silly words where the letters all join together I have had to reset my password in order to get back on...and all that after a whole day writing up a synopsis...
Oh well...tomorrow is the Knitting and Stitching show, which will be great...a source of inspiration and a break away from all this writing, when what I would really like to be doing is actually making something!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

My design for the Tiptree Jam Comany was inspired by the history and founder of the business 125 years ago, combined with the homely and traditional feel of the delicious jams they produce. It was a great experience touring the factory with all it's wonderful fruity smells, and interesting to see how it was made. All in all, a good experience and opportunity to work on an outside commission.

Just in time!

After waiting for an important library book to come in after being ordered 4 weeks ago, I had to "bite the bullet" and buy it from Amazon...second hand at great cost.Thankfully it arrived today so I now have a very short time to write up my synopsis! Trying not to panic and stay focussed.
An idea for Indigo is starting to form, after a scary blank week, by means of a large ceramic Swan found in a charity shop today....1950s kitsch, but charming somehow.
Presenting ideas to the Tiptree Jam company today was exciting, and a great opportunity in itself, and I agree totally with their choice of design for their bag, it will be very successful.Well done to the designer.
I shall hope to put some images of my own work up on the blog shortly, but things are being worked on in order of priority at the moment, but it will happen soon :)

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

print & pattern

print & pattern

Emma Embery

Emma Embery

Of fiber and life

Bits and pieces of cloth sewn or glued together curtain the world.
Bits and pieces of knowledge skillfully intertwined make up the study of history.
Every civilization has this tradition of squirreling away precious fragments untill they are needed to create a whole.
Works of art,especially in the 20th century are often nothing more than ordered fragmentations-
with each fragment carrying it's own cultural load.

"Whole Cloth"by Mildred Costantine