Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year, from my home to yours

Time with family and friends has been wonderful through Christmastime, and now the year is nearly done. I've had a break from my artwork, but will will be starting again next week, and then will be putting new things on my blog....but for now, here are some quick glimpses just taken of my home...taken with the flash in the evening, so a little "cold looking"...but here are some "old friends" anyway.

Some glimpses from both the sitting room...and the kitchen of my tiny home.
Wishing all of my blogger friends a peaceful,happy and blessed New Year xxx

Monday, 5 December 2011

Silence for a week....and a dove

Just to say that I will be blogging again as soon as I have got my talk and slide show finshed for Embroiderers Guild on Saturday....what with doing this, and selling my vintage clothing collection on ebay, I have had little time for anything else, but I will soon be back with ideas that are "simmering", and some lovely photographs....I'm looking forward to making again, now that I have gone through that "flat dessert time" which hits us all every now and then...when creativity seems far away and one wonders if it will ever return....but we should know that it always does.
A dove of peace and some cherubs....detail from a small stitched panel.
I have had some very peaceful, quiet days writing the plan for the is about my work, but also about my life, and I am now sure that the book I have wanted to write for years is going to happen, and I'm aiming to start it after Christmas....