Thursday, 6 June 2013

Monday, 3 June 2013

Distracted by the sunshine in corners of the workroom today

While taking photographs for items to go onto eBay, I was aware of the colours and patterns on the rugs, door curtain and embroidered Arts & Crafts's funny how we can live with things every day, and then see them in a new light, and from a different angle when we are perched on a chair and the sun is shining on them!

Another corner in the workroom.

William in the sun, in another workroom corner.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Some Swiss Holiday Memories, February 2013.....a sample from 300 Taken!


Happy to be out for a walk with family.

Rushing River with tree icicles

Outside a mountain restaurant.


Lovely walk near family home.

Over the bridge and walk home on the other side of the river.

Another walk, high up in the mountains.

On the shady side of the mountain.

Two weeks after arrival and signs of spring....but only on the sunny side of the mountains.

...and on a less sunny side....little church.


The river was flowing really fast.

The oldest house in the looks so magical with the unusual spire 300-400 years and can never be sold.

The side of a local barn.

Art on the shore of Lake Lucerne.

Natures own artwork.

Natural art, outside a little shop in Stans.

The side of a private building in Stans, in what seemed to be an artist's area, but all vas very is hard to tell in these little towns just what are shops, and what are homes...they are not at all like our shops.....almost secretive and understated.