Sunday, 26 June 2011

Unwinding...sewing & reading

It's been a busy week, dismantling my exhibition and ferrying it all down to the studio, followed by two days of sorting it out and fitting it all in....I must say that the studio felt really bare over the last 7 weeks, but now it is full once again, apart from the pieces which were sold.
Now that the work is all around me again, it has confirmed that I want to go further with combining ancient wood with the lace, so I have now aquired another 17th century offcut....this one already has quite a few small holes, so I am thinking of drilling a lot more and perhaps incorporating some stitching.
However....I am very much in need of a mental break, so today has been a perfect opportunity to spend the afternoon out in the garden under the trees with the beautiful William, sewing samples and reading.

I'm mounting the samples as "mini artworks", so they can be framed or given as gifts in the form of cards...although they are much more than cards...just small examples of my large works, made with as much detail, love and care, and they were popular at out Open Studio event, last year.
I've made some for the EAST textile art exhibition at Snape, as I joined the group after the exhibitions were in full swing, but I shall be able to join in, in 2012....I forgot to photograph them, which was a bit no images!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Friday, 17 June 2011

The pocket on the dress was made from an old Spillers Flour bag,referencing the part of a mother who is looking to nourish her family.
Comming from the pocket( not seen in th closeup) are the handmade Victorian tambour lace flowers used as signs of the joy inolved in doing this....they lead up to the stitched image of the family with the trailing threads, indicating that however hard a mother tries, she cannot always prevent the family from unravelling.

More "Fragments" from the Garden Room

Tomorrow is the last day of the exhibition....I have thoroughly enjoyed the the experience, and meeting so many lovely people, although so many lunch and coffee "dates" have all but bankrupted me over the six weeks!
Here are some different views, including a peep into the lovely 18th century cradle.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Suddenly I can't answer comments left on my own blog :(
When I try to, I have to enter my the number code, and then I come up as "anonymous"!
Can anyone help me please?

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Poem

I wanted to use the beautiful mirror, and decided that it would be perfect for the poem the work has been based on.
It was important that the poem be handwritten, and the mirror to serve almost as a "notice board".

The Show: Inside the Garden Room

I'll just add a few images at a time of the is now in he final week and closes on Saturday, but it has been such a rewarding experience.
I'm so touched by the kind, and positive feedback, and have met some lovely people whilst I've been popping in and out.
On Monday and Tuesday next, it will all come back to the studio....if I can fit it in! and I am quite looking forward to being surrounded by it, and hope it will continue to inspire me to go forward.
Before I start any more making,I am going to embark on some research into my 17th century ancestors who were heavily involved with the Flemish weavers and the Say & Bay trade in may turn out to be a blind alley, but this is where I am going next.The thread of my subject will still be there, but I am now looking to taking it even further.
I shall add more images over the next few days and thank you so much for your interest in my blog....I would love to hear from you.

Friday, 10 June 2011

New Images On The Way

It's been a really busy time with the exhibition in full swing, and as I didn't have a private view it has been a case of taking friends and family along most days in the weeks....which is lovely, but as there is an on site Bistro, it has been an expensive coffee and cake....or coffee and lunch season...however, I am not complaining as it has been a brilliant time with good friends, family and very good feedback ( and food....mroe weight loss needed!!).
The show runs untill the 18th, when it will all have to come back to the studio,which I have spent this week re arranging in order to fit it all in!
The studio looks so bare at the moment, that I am almost looking forward to it comming far there is a red sticker on one piece, which is nice to see.
On Monday next I should be collecting the new images from my photographer friend, and will post them as soon as I can.