Friday, 27 September 2013

Blogger has gone mad!

I really don't know what is going on with Blogger on the Posts is showing my post 3 part, and in "computer Speak" !! However, one IS the post that I actually have made. ( Unless they only show up 3 times on MY blog list page.....all very confusing!)

"Angel"....and the Kestrel nobody wanted

"Angel" ( and the Kestrel )...the dress which has recently come back home after being part of a Textiles & Wearable Art exhibition held at Slackspace, in Colchester, Essex. A collection of white ethereal garments would look lovely, shown against the backdrop of a green and damp autumn garden, however, how could one ever trust the English weather.
A detail from the back of the dress ......her wings...the last of the white Japanese Anemones in the background.....I love white flowers in the garden.
Here is the Kestrel that nobody wanted.
 I was at an auction this week, hoping to purchase a collection of antique needlework items, which finally sold for four times the estimate, so I was a little disappointed.....however, a little later on, this beautiful Kestrel came up, and no body seem to want she came home with me.
Ironical really, as I have a running battle with live Kestrels and Sparrow Hawks as they are often seen swooping into my garden trying ( and sometimes succeeding) in taking poor little Blue-Tits or Sparrows.