Friday, 6 March 2015

Fragment Details, Charity Shop Finds & a check-up.

Just back from the hospital, and my check- up is all clear again....thank you Lord! The next one is in August and I hope the time doesn't pass too quickly otherwise it will mean we are coming to the end of the summer which has not yet begun....and time does seem to go so fast at the moment....also my recent problem with uploading images has now been resolved by using another browser, so that's great.
I seem to have had a few weeks of being out quite a lot ......and yesterday I found some really good & beautiful antique lace in a charity shop....this has never happened in all the years I have been going into them, so it was a lovely surprise.
Because of all my away days there has not been very much time for creativitiy which means I am running behind with certain deadlines and starting to get just a little panicky....however, I'm getting nearer to opening the Etsy shop but "needs must" have driven me to ebay over the last few weeks which takes up a lot of is a little detail from two nearly finished antique fabric panels.....and i'm going to try to get a little stitching done this afternoon.

Victorian quilt and lining scraps, and fragments of vintage embroidery & lace.


Paper rainbow said...

Hello Ellen. So pleased to have discovered your blog. Will be coming back to check out all this great inspiration.

Ellen said...

Hello Paper rainbow.....thank you so much for your comment, I really appreciate hearing from people and am trying to keep my blog much more up to date now :)

nilly said...

Wonderful news - I'm so pleased to see your blog again.

Ellen said...

Thank you Nilly :)