Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Tiny Nest made from hair

Made randomly with my own hair from brush....after getting rid of the damp washed hair tangles (its long).I found myself felting it with my fingertips and it turned into a little birds nest.
Here it is surrounded with soft feathers I found on the grass in a morning following shrill Owl and or Kestrel calls, and I wondered if there was a bit of a fight, as I can think of no other explanation of the loud calls and subsequent treasure.

Lovely things waiting for assembly or transformation

Waiting to be used in a current project: art deco mirror,rusted fabric, faux pearls, 1930s bridesmaids floral headband...and a little birds nest made from my own hair...will show that in detail in the next post.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Sycamore Angels...or fairies

Another page from an old journal I was writing three years ago....scraps of antique fabric and Sycamore seeds....I think I shall start playing again, artwork can get all too serious.

Monday, 15 October 2012

A Page from my Old Journal

I have been making my own journals for about 6 years now, using my late Mothers Victorian story books, so that they wouldn't just stay in the bookcase unused.
Today I started to read through some of them again, and found some pages that I loved at the time, and still do....here is a stitched Sooty ( although I added the name "Little Flo", as that was the title of the chapter, but it was Sooty, sitting and staring out of the window watching the birds.
It was done on the spur of the moment, in minutes, which always seems to work best, and somehow just captured the essence of my little friend, simply.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Contents......and chat

This photograph was taken at home before I packed the chest for the EAST exhibition, so the contents are all spread infront of it...gradually I will put images of them on the blog, with their stories.
At the moment I am working on another project with a group of 8 artists, each making an "Heirloom Box", its contents and story. Its inspiring to see how creative and individual each body of work is, as they emerge.
I find that I am now really enjoying making the"artefacts",and creating their stories especially when I can manage to combine wood somehow with textiles, as its such a great contrast, and am looking forward to seeing how this will feed into future work....no images of this work untill the exhibition is up and running of course.
In the background at present is research for a completely new body of work destined for local and London exhibions in 2014....and a competition in 2013, so I need to stay on track, and what better for that than deadlines.

Friday, 5 October 2012

"Hope Chest"....the exhibition "Making a Point" is now open

It was the Private View of the new EAST exhibition: Making a Point, this evening, and despite the bad weather lots of people came, including many friends, making it a lovely event. The feedback for the show has already been excellent,and images will shortly be appearing on the EAST website, which I will add a link for soon.....it is late this evening, and I just wanted to post this, plus an image of my "Hope Chest" which I hope you will enjoy.