Thursday, 2 February 2012

Japanese Inspiration for EAST

I've been a member of EAST ( East Anglian Stitched Textiles) for a whole year now, and am now working on some panels for the 2012 exhibitions.
At first I found it difficult to break away from my "Exquisite Poverty:Fragments work...which is ongoing and wont be shown again untill I have completed three new additions; however, I have revisited an old degree project which was inspired by Japan and am now working on a two and a half foot panel to fit into an antique red laquered frame I have had put away for years.
I shall be aiming to make two smaller panels to go with this one, but matching the frame will be nigh on impossible, but I shall "cross that bridge" when I come to it.
I am still using the repetitive straight stitching that is always a part of what I do...and was initially inspired by Sashiko, and also the antique mother of pearl bird brooches, but am now also utilising the fragile carved bone sticks from a broken vintage is all really an experiment, but we shall see where this journey are some fragments of the panel,so far:

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Are you curious about me? said...

This is looking very promising Ellen, love the way your brain works..