Monday, 6 February 2012

Treasure Arrived...a new season...and musings.

Arrived today ... a lovely collection of broken faux pearl necklaces, bought for a new project; all damaged bar one which I imediately put around my neck....inspiration is starting to return after one of those desert-dry times.
I seem to have had lots of ideas whiring away in the background, but no motivation to carry them out...that made me question the ideas themselves, as I am usually passionate about what I do.
Realising that the passion was just not there for all, has helped me to focus on the one alone, that is firing my imagination and creativity at this time, and has also given me fresh perspective on my work for EAST which is not comming from my usual subject...
I still have some issues over the source, but shall hope to resolve them as I go along....I think it's because it is a slight deviation from what I call my "real work", but also I think I am into a new season where instead of just concentrating on one thing, I may need to have "several irons in the fire",
We have so much to learn as artists, dont we, and I think one of the things is to recognise the season we are in...I always see things in seasons.
I also get very intense and probably "think too much"...then I end up with a bout of depression and have to pray my way out of it before the mist lifts!

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Mermaid's Purse said...

I think way too much too and that's the main reason I get hardly anything done!!! The "pearls" are really beautiful and, I'm sure, will look wonderful whatever you do with them!!