Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Beautiful Things

My lovely orchid had dropped a bloom on the table, near to this wonderful hand embroidered 19th century whitework hankerchief which arrived in the post yesterday....and I had to play for a while.
This kind of embroidery is a favourite of mine, and I never cease to wonder at the amount and quality of the work.
They rest on the cover of my workbook, which is a 19th century ledger...the cover of which is a work of art in itself.


Sea Angels said...

such amazing embroidery..what fabulous eyesight never mind finger skills involved.
Keep well Ellen xx
Lynn xx

Ellen said...

Many of these embroiderers damaged their eyes, and I have read that some, including lace makers even went blind.
Children were also taught, as there eyesight was much stronger....this is the dark side of the beautiful things we treasure today.
I hope you are well Lynn.
Ellen xx

Robin Kent said...

Yes, exquisite work!