Monday, 18 July 2011

The Studio sorted out at last!

A lot of sorting out and re-arranging has had to be done in the studio in order to fit in all the new work from the exhibition..especially the antique furniture,some of whch I have had to tuck in under the tables, otherwise I would have had no room to are a few new images of the space....although I have had to keep all the wall hangings rolled up as there just isn't enough wall space for them at the moment.They have been taken off their antique carved wooden mounts too, and these are
now standing in all their beauty on the ancient works of art in themselves I think.



Hi, It was nice too meet you at our Embroiderers' Guild exhibition at Layer Marney tower last week. I have been to look around Cuckoo Farm since about taking a studio there - I peeped through you window and it looked so lovely in your studio!! Well done.

Ellen said...

Hello Michelle, it was really good to meet you, and the ladies ( although I can't remember many names now!.Nice to know you have a studio now, I shall hope to see you at CF in the future and look forward to seeing some of your work when you are settled...I usually go there 2/3 times a week, but have been catching up at home with pc work this week after the demise of my laptop and the arrival of a new one, so have been absent this week, but will be back next.
Best wishes,