Sunday, 26 June 2011

Unwinding...sewing & reading

It's been a busy week, dismantling my exhibition and ferrying it all down to the studio, followed by two days of sorting it out and fitting it all in....I must say that the studio felt really bare over the last 7 weeks, but now it is full once again, apart from the pieces which were sold.
Now that the work is all around me again, it has confirmed that I want to go further with combining ancient wood with the lace, so I have now aquired another 17th century offcut....this one already has quite a few small holes, so I am thinking of drilling a lot more and perhaps incorporating some stitching.
However....I am very much in need of a mental break, so today has been a perfect opportunity to spend the afternoon out in the garden under the trees with the beautiful William, sewing samples and reading.

I'm mounting the samples as "mini artworks", so they can be framed or given as gifts in the form of cards...although they are much more than cards...just small examples of my large works, made with as much detail, love and care, and they were popular at out Open Studio event, last year.
I've made some for the EAST textile art exhibition at Snape, as I joined the group after the exhibitions were in full swing, but I shall be able to join in, in 2012....I forgot to photograph them, which was a bit no images!

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