Thursday, 30 December 2010

Up to date at last

So I think I am up to date now, and have just been enjoying Christmas with my family. I've had two days off from the studio but have been completing some new 2D textile pieces at home, ready to take to an interview/presentation with the EAST textile group on the 8th January.
I bought a very tattered vintage quilt made from pieces of mens blue striped shirting, and it is this that I am using at the moment to continue the theme of my work....the weather has been too dull for me to take any photographs yet, so I will just leave the 3D work in progress ones with you untill I have the others....these are just pieces of fabric pinned onto the stands at the moment, and will probably develop in a slightly different way, but they are starting already to tell a story and I am thinking of names.


jill said...

I have just checked back on your blog today and you look like you are having a wonderful time with a lot of success, well done, I saw your work at new designers and it was stunning. Your work is exquisite and I hope you continue to enjoy your success

Ellen said...

Thank you so much Jill...I love hearing from people, as I am always questioning my work, so feedback is very welcome....yes, at last I think I am having more fun with it, it has taken a while to get the balance back in my life after finishing the degree and setting up on my own, but I think at last I'm " getting there".

Sea Angels said...

Hi Ellen I love theses new designs, you manage so well to capture that special something that makes a narrative from a dress, and every piece you make seems to have secrets to tell, you really inspire me... please let me know if you are having any exhibitions so that I can make a journey to come and see your work, If I know early then I can get cheaper train wherever.
I hope the new year brings you lots of ideas and fabulous scraps to play with, your posts are a real joy.
Lynn xx

Ellen said...

Hello Lynn, thank you so much....I will definitely let you know of any exhibitions in the future...nothing specific on the cards at this moment,but I am building up the new body of work in hopes for one later this year, when I am ready. I have an "interview/presentation" this Saturday with the ladies of the EAST textile group, with regards to membership,and there may be an opportunity to do another Sotheby's one, if the new work fits in with the curators other artists....just happy at the moment to get back into the work again...more photos on the way as soon as there is a brighter day, Ellen x