Thursday, 30 December 2010

The Exciting Exhibition at Sotheby's

During our graduate exhibition at the New Designers Show in Islington( see older blogs), in July, I was approached by an art curator and journalist who holds regular exhibitions at Sotherby's in London and invited to be part of her next show in October.This was such a surprise to me, as I hadn't expected anything on this scale, and the thought of it was also a little scary...from college to the "deep end", so to speak.
The show, "Small Show Huge Talent" was held in October, in New Bond Street and was managed so well....technicians in white gloves to do all the hanging, and everything displayed perfectly. I was given a whole wall, so everything could be shown well.It was quite a difficult area to take a photograph in, so the one image I have here is not very clear and a bit dark...the actual lighting was perfect in the area though, and the work from the other artits, including another textile artist Lindsey Taylor, was very included a large model of the Tate Modern, made from sugar cubes! There was an article on Artsthread about the show in November, I'm not sure if it is still there. as I havn't looked for a while.

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