Thursday, 30 December 2010

First Open Studios Event, and thoughts:

The Open Studios event came hot on the heels of my seting up the studio, and I was slightly nervous, not knowing how my work would be received amongst the painters and sculpters and recognised artists.
It was, however, such a wonderful experience, and a great encouragement as I had people in the studio non stop all much so that I couldn't leave it to visit the other artists! People were lovely, and I couldn't have wished for a better start to this step of the journey, of all, new friends have been made.
I am in the Barn, so my room is lovely and old with thick white walls ( one very damp!!) and an old heavy black beam.....a perfect contrast to the Victorian lace and white fabrics which I love so much.With the fabrics I use, it is also all about the contrast...the rich and the poor...I am still following on with the "Exquisite Poverty" theme of my degree collection, as I want to go deeper into a subject which is still very relevant in todays world of mass textile and clothing production to the detriment of many of the makers.
The inside of my door is very old, and by itself, with just one glove, is to me an artwork in itself; Here it is:


Sea Angels said...

How wonderful Ellen, may you have all the fun and luck in the world
Lynn xxx

Ellen said...

Hello Lynn...I had quite expected to lose my followers after such a gap...lovely to hear from you...sending you my best wishes for a New Year that will bring you, all that you hoe for, Ellen xxx

Ellen said...