Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Future

Something that has become very apparant to me as I stitch away is that I am just at the very start of something....not at the end. Five years of study is comming to an end but I feel as if I am in a great place and am just beginning to find my feet and place within the textile arts...I know they will become more fine art based, and personal, and find the whole concept very exciting....wondering what will be next? However, I am not even sure what piece is next for the major progect, so I must keep my feet on the ground with so much to think about and do.
It is wonderful though to be comming to the end of the degree with the satisfaction of having developed all sorts of skills, both practical and mental, and have been on such a voyage of self discovery; of finding out just how I function and why I like those things that I is also a time of much reflection.


Simon said...

Yes, I think you're at the start of something too :)

Ellen said...

Thank you Simon....and it has been a healing place too...only taken 15 years LOL