Sunday, 18 April 2010

To Meet My Past, Tracey Emmin, V&A Exhibition

I cannot say that I am a real fan of much of Tracey Emmin's work, but I find the concepts of her textile pieces interesting and I do like them. I never thought that I would ever say there were certain similarities in the way I work compared to her, but I think it is because my current work is very personal, and this is where I see a similarity. Her work is of course very personal, and I admire the fact that she honestly shares very personal details with the audience...something I am finding out that I also need to do myself.This image of a very different bed to the "more famous one" is lovely...and says just as much, but in a different visual language...I don't want to use a lot of pretentious jargon about it, but will say only that each piece works well and is a lovely piece of work.

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