Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Alternative Fashion Show

Although I feel as if there is not time to spare, I took a day off to go to the Alternative Fashion show and cheer on the Colchester girls and admire Mary's fun dresses....I had hoped to buy one, but there were two people waiting for the same dress before me, sadly.... I am so looking forward to making some new clothes for myself, once the major progect is finished! My only purchase was a super little scarf, so I got off lightly. There was a huge amount of "vintage style" clothing on the really is the "thing" at the moment, and much as I love it, I am glad that I havn't just gone down that route with my current work...even though much of my fabric is antique. I havn't really made the collection to be worn...and certainly not by young models or it wouldn't make sense...if it does go to the Colchester fashion show, I think I will have to find some slim elderly ladies to model might work then.


Paris A. said...

Wow this sounds really good! Where abouts was it?
I've only been following you for a couple of days but so far I really enjoy your blog xx

Ellen said...

Hello Paris...thank you for looking at my blog, I don't have too much time to spend on it at the moment as the final major progect now has only five weeks to go before hand-in, so there is a mountain of work to do. Alternative Fashion week is at Spittalfields once a year and in the second year, the progect is to make an outfit for the catwalk...very exciting and the show is always great...alternative is definitely the best :)