Saturday, 9 March 2013

Nine Artefacts for the Nine Lives Exhibition

The box is covered with 19th century silk damask and lined with antique silk velvet. The idea for this group exhibition was that nine female artists would work on a project for nine months, creating nine artefacts for a box. By keeping tight restraints on the box and contents this should produce a diverse and cohesive body of work. The brief: Imagine you find a small box in the attic, on opening it you discover nine artefacts. Where did they come from - how old are they - who did they belong to - what is their story? The restraints: These are the artefacts we elected to use:

1) doll or similar toy

2) bundle of letters/cards/photos etc.

3) a heart - in any guise

4) needle case OR pin cushion

5) personal item of clothing or bag

6) all that remains of a set of something

7) a lucky charm/ amulet / icon

8) a rattle or toy that makes a noise

9) a memento of a significant event

One of these things should be a piece of jewellery

Here, as promised earlier are the images of the nine artefacts which I made. I also wrote a complete short story about the the box and contents which I hope to publish as a small illustrated book later this year, and it has really inspired me to get back to writing to accompany my artwork, and to make some more artefacts.


Sea Angels said...

Really love these Ellen. You have been working hard xxx
HUgs Lynn x

MadBirdDesignsUK said...

Ellen it was a brilliant exhibition. Your work was fab. We all wanted to take your cat home! x Joan

Ellen said...

Thank you Lynn......lovely to hear from you and hope you are well.
Ellen x

Ellen said...

Thank you Joan.....I have only just come back from Switzerland so I havent even seen the exhibition yet!
Looking forward to visiting it next week.
Ellen x