Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Group Exhibition...and my little angel is on the poster!

I havn't got time to write about the exhibition tonight, but was so excited that my little angel cat ....made in memory of my own Sooty who I had to say goodbye to last year, was chosen for the poster....a bit of a tribute to him too. Briefly, nine artist each had to make a box and nine artefact to go in it...the list of artefacts was the same for all, but it's amazing to see the different styles and stories that go with each. I wrote a short story to go with mine, all about a girl called Florence, Angels and her black cat Mehitabelle.,,I think I am going to write more as it just seems to happen. I've been ill and am going to stay with my son and his wife in Switzerland for a while as a break...taking my medication with me...this will be the third course of antibiotics...all different and am really praying that this one will do the trick. Faith gets tested and I have had some arguments with my Lord when the pain has been severe, but He knows our heart and how weak we are, and I will just keep on trusting that I will not be ill overseas because I havn't seen my son, and daughter in law for 8 years....I might try to put images of the other artefacts on the blog before I go, but if not, will do so whan I come back.


Sandy Mastroni said...

what a wonderful Sooty doll ..... I just love your doll !
and the poster is wonderful too .... congrats !
I hope you feel better soon
My husband and I read together...{ every night } Kenneth E. Hagin books
we have learned so much about faith and healing and prayer
things I just never knew before
You will be in my prayers Ellen
Hope you will post { with Pics !!! } while you are away
have a lovely visit

Ellen said...

Thank you Sandy...sounds silly but it was quite emotional to see the little person on a poster....I think because my heart had gone into it.
I have noted the author you speak of, an interestingly, the small bible group I am in had started to study healing a lot more...before I got sick.
I shall try to post while I am away, but if not, when I get back.

Julie Howe said...

I am so looking forward to seeing all of our work on show at the exhibition..

Have a great holiday Ellen.. I'll take plenty of photos to show you.

Ellen said...

Thank you Julie.....photos will be great.
I shall be back in time to visit both exhibitions, and like you, I am really looking forward to seeing all our work together :)