Sunday, 16 September 2012

Gathering Myself...and a new exhibition

Time to gather myself together again, after too much time alone and wondering. It will do me good...and put a bit more structure into my day to start blogging again, and now that some new work for what promises to be a great exhibition is complete, I can focus on other things, rather than too much inward looking. Here is the poster for a wonderful new exhibition of Textile Art, comming up very soon at Braintree Museum ( for starters)...then it will start travelling further afield. This is all for now, as I am committed to "making something" this afternoon....too long have I been wandering, and after some real good spiritual food this morning, I am making a new start, hand in hand with my Lord. Here's the poster.....I will post some fragments of my work for the exhibition shortly too...and here's to life! it is a gift.


Sea Angels said...

Good luck Ellen I hope it goes really well and lots of people get to see your beautiful work.
HUgs Lynn xxx

Ellen said...

Thank you good to hear from you...this has been a difficult year, but I'm turning the corner now, and hope you are well.
Ellen xxx