Thursday, 9 August 2012

Changes in the Seasons of My Life....

I have now decided to have a break from blogging to concentrate on the work I am preparing for two exhibitions.
I've also found that blogging can rob me of the time I usually put into my journals, which have become neglected and were always so important to me.....
I have always seen life in seasons, and mine has changed in three major ways over the last 6 weeks.
Leaving my studio and turning my sitting room into a studio, and getting used to that.....and being alone more, missing the folks at Cuckoo Farm.
Leaving my church after 16 years to go to a new one....and trying to explain to friends just why....and not seeing them so often.
Then having to have Sooty put to sleep.... feeling all the afterwards guilt and doubt that comes with having made that decision, let alone the loss of a very vociferous, and "paws-on" companion.
All this will even out in time, and I will get used to the changes, but in the meantime I shall concentrate on my work and the website that I have been meaning to make for 3 years now, and the book to be started in the late Autumn....and my journals.


MadBirdDesignsUK said...

Oh Ellen that's so sad. I will miss your fragments. I wish you all the luck and pray that your new church will support you and lead you on with your Christian journey. x Joan

Ellen said...

The decisions to work at home, and to go to a new church....Kingsland, in Lexdon are very positive ones, but its just such a lot of changes all at once, and the added one that I hadn't expected that has been a bit of an overload....however, God is in control, and has helped me through and I know that all good will come eventually.
Thank you Joan....hope to see you "around" at some time :) x