Monday, 3 October 2011

Peace and Reflection Time

I've taken several weeks off...away from the studio to refresh my mind and creativity and have been so enjoying the peace and quiet of my garden.
Sitting under the trees I have been soothed by the constant whirring of wings as the birds...who seem to be so used to me now, flutter around the bird table and through the leaves of the trees, whilst others rush to and fro amongst the plants at floor level.
I am blessed to have a garden full of wildlife, and over the last few days, whilst we have had this wonderful Indian Summer, it has been a place to reflect and write in my journals....I will take some photographs of the pages,presently....I have made them over the last 6 years out of antique books from my late mother, reading the ancient stories as I have covered and worked on the pages.
Here are some images from my peaceful garden:


Sea Angels said...

What a pretty garden you have Ellen I bet you spent a lot of time out there last week...thinking and dreaming of new projects xx

Ellen said...

Yes Lynn I did....I just wish the sunshine could last...I took advantage of it and stayed at home for most of the weeek, but I must get myself going again now.
Ellen xx