Saturday, 8 October 2011

A New Skirt

I have had this navy pillow ticking for years and decided, on a whim to make a box pleated skirt from it.
I've cut out some of the large floral print from a charity shop skirt purchased in the summer...because I thought it had potential, and sewn them along the hem using free machine embroidery which I continued in another row around the motifs. I also ran a row of red machine stitching inbetween the navy rows, as I just love a touch of red, it seems to bring things to life...just a touch though.
I'm still waiting for some fresh inspiration to come for my textile artwork, so untill it does, I think I shall make up some of the clothes I have had ideas for for so long.
I rarely buy new, as it is so exciting to collect second hand ones and put them together to make something completely just needs a little patience to collect the right combinations, hence I have a whole pile now waiting.

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