Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sooty helps to put the garden to bed for winter

I always feel a little melancholy when it is time to re-pot plants and take them into a safer place for winter. Autumn is such a lovely time for colours, but I'm so aware that winter will follow and I love the sunshine.Never I had Sooty's company as I started to put the garden to bed, and we had a lovely time in the October sun.
Sooty helps to put the garden to bed and sort out the cat-mint.
"Have we got enough cat-nip to get us through the winter? I'd better just check".
"Have I got it right?....what do you think"?
"Yes...I'm content with that....we can rest now".


The Traveller said...

Lovely pictures, Sooty looks well :-)

Ellen said...

Yes he does.....he had a mad moment last week and tried to run up the willow ...pity he is now deaf though :( I hate the fact that he can't hear me talking to him...hope he doesn't think I'm ignoring him.

The Traveller said...

Poor Sooty...

Mermaid's Purse said...

What a nice post, Sooty looks a lovely cat! Thankyou for your comment on the knitting patterns for puppets post, I've been knitting like mad the last couple of weeks - it's not my forte but for such a wonderful cause and I've been having great fun! x