Sunday, 24 April 2011


Absent from my blog, and working hard to prepare for my exhibition...just one more week to go before installation...and it will be an installation, the first I have made.
I have a beautiful Georgian room, and with the help of my tattered period armchair and some simple props, aim to create an atmosphere in which the maker ( from a previous century) is expected back in the room at any time!
Thre are 11 new works, and all the normal concerns over how they will technically be hung, as some are very heavy, and others are on unusual mounts, etc. but I'm not allowing myself to get stressed, as I know it will all work out in the end.
Just one more dress to make, and I'll be there.
Here are some more glimpses.


Sea Angels said...

Good luck Ellen..thinking about you and all your hard work...I bet it looks amazing ...can't wait please take lots of pictures..
Happy Easter Lynn xxxxx

Sea Angels said...

Big apologies I forgot to say how very lovely these glimpses are, you are so inspiring..sorry it is late and I am just off to bed xxx
Lynn xxxxx