Monday, 11 April 2011

Family Sample

Here is a little sample worked as inspiration for the front of the "Mother" dress....loose threads showing that no matter how hard a mother tries, the family can still uravell...but even in the unravelling, love can hold relationships together.
This will go in the glass case along with my sketchbook and some wonderful small is a length of finely knitted Victorian lace which is still attached to the knitting needles.
Things are very busy now as I am setting up work in Slack Space Gallery, Colchester this week, and there are now less than three weeks to my solo much to always feels like it will never get's hoping and praying!


Are you curious about me? said...

This is my favorite piece of work, I LOVE it Ellen.

Is your work in Slack Space this week or next? Let me know and I will pop in to see it if it's this week... Next week I'm on holiday.

Ellen said...

Thank you's a favourite of mine.Slack Space exhibition is all about work that has been done with recycled materials and opens on Wednesday 20th April but runs untill May 7th...the Private View is also on the 7th so you should be able to see it. I'm showing the remains of the collection I made last year and saving the new work for the Minories which I think opens on the 7th May, but dates to be confirmed yet.