Wednesday, 12 May 2010

PDP and thoughts

This has been a really worthwhile module, although it has often irritated me as it "stole" my stitching time, but it has been a great discipline enabling me to really focus on who I am and what I want to achive in the future, after graduation. Unlike the young ones, I shall not be looking for a work placement, as I want to establish myself in a studio as an independant artist, by focusing on the future and sourcing information on exhibition spaces, and I now have a much clearer idea of what I shall need to do. I have joined the Eastern Region Textiles Forum so will be able to get together with other artists for joint exhibitions, seminars, forums etc. At present some of the members are involved with a project for the Warner textile Archive; but for this evening, I will continue to check through all the work in my PDP file, to make sure it is all in order for tomorrow. Earlier on I uploaded my projects onto the Artsthread website, so gradually everything is being completed.I still have to do my own photoshoot and a collection of A2 samples so there is no time to spare, but all is going according to plan, albeit with yet another very late night!

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