Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The "New Idea"

This came to me one night two weeks ago, and has changed a little...not in shape but in purpose. Inspired by the Quilt Exhibition at the V&A, it is almost like a quilt fragment.I am quilting the beautiful 100 year old hand embroidered cloth onto a fragment of white wool blanket...the stitching in navy and madder around the beautiful white embroidery on ancient cotton fabric...no images as yet, as no photographs taken, but that will happen this week, so it won't be long.This piece is a joy to work on and very personal...it will probably be displayed laid over something old...made of wood, rather than hung...it is not commercial, and I can hardly wait to work on it again, but this is for the evening only, as there is so much else to do in the daytime....I may be at uni. only twice a week, but am working at home for 6 days out of the seven.

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