Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Five Garments Complete

It is so encouraging now to see the dresses, bolero and cape collar lined up and ready to go. The two shawls which will make up the 6th outfit will need to be mounted on vintage hangers, for the Colchester exhibition, so that is still to be addressed.
I am also waiting for a day with good lighting so that I can do the photo shoot of the whole collection...as soon as I have this, they will appear,here, on the blog.
Now I have started work on a collection of A2 mounted samples for the large portfolio.It would be wonderful if I could make 10, but stitching the fabrics onto the thick paper is quite hard on my old arthritic hands (lol)...I may have to settle for 5 but I shall see what time and the hands allow...number one is on the way.

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