Friday, 30 April 2010

David Lam Photoshoot, Brochure Image

David has captured the essence of my work exactly in this image from the photoshoot, and I am really pleased with it. I will have to photograph the rest of the collection myself, and at present am working on backgrounds for them. I have a wonderful old screen which, on the reverse side is very tattered and is also dark in colour, so may be the answer for the dresses. The bolero and collar would benefit from a distressed wooden ground, and could be laid flat....if the wood was large enough, say door size, it might be best for the whole collection....we shall see. As there are only four weeks to go, and this will necesitate moving all the furniture in the sitting room, I had better watch the weather forcast for an early morning on a sunny day....and then try the same in the evening when the sun is in comming in from the opposite direction.

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