Thursday, 16 October 2014

More New Work for WW1 Progect @The Solace of Larks'

It was a great feeling of achievement yesterday to have caught up with my blog after 8 hard months, so I will try to keep up with it now. Sometimes I may not have much to write, but " in honour of the faithful few" who have styed with me, I shall keep at it.
When our EAST exhibition ( currently at Ally Pally & Harrogate) travels in 2015, I will have two more pieces of work to go with the suitcase. The first is a wall piece which I haven't yet decided whether it will be framed, hung or mounted....that is always a bit of an issue I think with textile pieces as they are so put them under glass is to render them untouchable, but dust free and protected , whereas unframed they can be touched...I don't find the decision easy. Here are some images then of work which will only be seen in 2015...if you share it, I believe you will respect it and add my name to the piece,thank you.

The panel once again shows the shattered landscape, the crosses for the soldiers but there are now pearls for them too in some of the craters. The Skylark is now represented by two small feathers and there are some red French Knots for the poppies that will grow and blow on the years to come.
The faded red fabric is the right side of the 100 year old quilt which I have used in the lid of the has not gone into holes as has the reverse, but would have been bright red when first was a hand quilted "stripy" Durham Quilt which had been severely damaged.
The heart is in memory of all the broken hearts of WW1 and was inspired by the pincushions earlier soldiers were either making or purchasing from cottage industries for the wives and sweethearts..
The mother of pearl pendant is Victorian and is a token of both our human love for each other, the natural world and that of our father God for us.



A bird in the hand said...

Beautiful work. And glad that you've overcome your ordeal. May you thrive!

Ellen said...

Thank you so much for the encouragement, I really appreciate it.

Sea Angels said...

Two lots of your work in one day boats come in ha ha ..
So good to see your embroidery , your wonderful ideas. I love the concepts as well as the beauty, you are so inspiring.
Hugs Lynn xxx
I' so glad you pop over x