Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Hospital, a shock and a long absence .......

Such a long time since I was on November a malignant tumour was discovered in my bowel......what a shock, as I had been feeling so well and getting on with my artwork, church group, drumming and looking forward to a summer holiday in Switzerland again with my son and daughter in law.
As I write this I am recovering from a third operation in less than 3 months and have 6 months of chemotherapy ahead of me, starting in March.
I have been through some difficult times in my life, and most of my previous artwork has stemmed from those experiences, but I have to say that this has been the most difficult and challenging situation that I have had to face.
Thanks to my faith in God, and the support of family and wonderful friends I have been loved, looked after and have come through the worst part of this journey into a different season in my life, and even though I expect the road ahead to be rough at times, I am facing it with faith, hope and peace....and expectancy that all will be well in the end.
There have been times of great fear, doubt and tears, which I have had to work my way through, and even now there is of course trepidation.....nothing prepares you for this, and the initial disbelief that it can actually be happening to you, and all the questions you ask yourself; however, it is a mountain that you have to climb...there is only one way, and that is forward and up.....with hope I believe I am now on the way down the other side.
I'm not sure how often I will appear on blogger as creativity is only just starting to return to me....but it is returning....the birds are singing and there are signs of Spring and new life...and that is what I am believing for me and this new season....expectancy, trust and peace.


Sandies' Patch said...

Welcome back!
Good luck with your treatment, here's hoping it is a success.
Sandie xxx

Ellen said...

Thank you Sandie,
very much appreciated.
Ellen xx

Jane Goldman said...

Sending you good wishes and much love xxxx
I was so inspired by the strength you are showing - keep believing and stay positive and all the very best for your treatment - Jane xxx

Ellen said...

Thank you Jane xx I so appreciate your lovely comment and will try to put an update on the blog tomorrow, as it's been a bit too long now, and you've reminded me that people are following, bless you,
Ellen xx

Sandy Mastroni said...

Dear Ellen ! Thank you Ellen for writing and asking about the dolls ... yes , I would ship to the UK , I just sent a doll to Chessington Surrey yesterday , it cost $21.00 , a small doll is about $ 15.00 to mail .
Let me know what you are interested in , Was there a specific doll that you like ?
I will be praying for you , I know you have faith in the Lord , The God of all comfort
Did you ever read anything by Andrew Wommack ? or Kenneth E. Hagin ? I have found much strength and encouragement from both