Thursday, 28 March 2013

Getting busy last

Busy again after my holiday. It was a time of clearing my mind and refocusing on my vision for the future...a time of adjusting prioroties and looking at what is really important to me.
At the moment I am working on a collection of completely handmade cards and small textile works to compliment the "Hope Chest", and large framed works which were exhibited in the EAST show in Braintree: Making a Point.
This exhibition is opening in May at Cirencester, and I had requests from some folk to provide cards, which I didn't have time to do I am being really dilligent and have made some, and also two more small framed pieces after the one being sold and generating a commission.
I have also decided to open an etsy shop shortly, as I am developing ideas for a very special textile collection at the moment....something I have intended to do for quite a while, but couldn't quite birth untill now.

A small selection of the cards, all made from Victorian lace motifs and fabrics mounted on original hand written pages from an old tailors ledger circa. 1905-1918. All are stitched by hand and have faux pearls and beads for details.

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