Thursday, 19 July 2012

Exciting Moves & Projects, so too busy dear friends to blog

Dear blogging friends...I shall continue to be absent from Blogger for a while, as I am working on a large progect which seems to have grown in size as it has evolved, and of course there are approaching deadlines. I'm also in the throes of giving up my studio, as the time and energy spent in getting there....two buses and a three quarter mile walk, has now become counter productive, so I decided to sacrifice my sitting room and am turning it into a studio...that one can sit in of course. This has meant the distribution of the Victorian sitting room furniture...apart from the sofa and wingback ( which wont go through any other doors), between the kitchen and the bedroom of my small park home. On the positive side, I now have a bedroom free of computers and paperwork....all in the studio to be now, and my kitchen has the lovely victorian dresser with the Staffordshire Dog collection all staring out at me, and the Georgian round to table to gather round on my best Eastern rug....very smart now! So far it has taken two weeks....a complete "inhouse" move, and tomorrow a friend with a 4x4 and trailer is going to start the transportation of all that is in the studio. Along with all of this, my sweetest little 16 year old feline friend is poorly, so am feeling a bit heartsore ( a good South African expression) at the moment. However, it is also an exciting time as I JUST KNOW that it is the start of another season in my artwork, and by having everything here at home,when I am inspired I can just carry on as everything will be to hand...and as I only share my home with the cats, I dont have to stop unless I want to. Also....when one of those horrible "blocked" times arrives, I will just be able to go and do some gardening to get away from it. In the meantime, here is another glimpse of a small part of the project....I shall put images of the finished work here when the exhibition opens in October...and will also add more little fragments as I get time.


MadBirdDesignsUK said...

Excellent decision, all that wasted energy and time on journeys is much better spent on your wonderful art. X J

Ellen said...

Thank you Joan....its a mammoth task, fitting it all in, and I have a very poorly cat, who is fading quite fast....but I have faith that all will be well in the end...difficult times x