Saturday, 26 February 2011

Absent for a while

For the first time in years I have still very ill...a chest infection on top of Flu has laid me out for two weeks and it doesn't want to go away!
Hoping to be back here missing my studio, but have to patient and just rest....too many headaches to stay on the pc.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Fresh Inspiration

My lovely old body form has stood naked since her collar was sold in October....
I have experimented with many pieces on her since, but nothing sat worthily....untill now.
I have had this beautiful shattered Victorian fragment from the neck of a blouse or dress for a long time; it has inspired several progects, but it may now be time for it to become one in itself.....I have a vision of a wonderful neckpiece which will incorporate...sensitively, this fragment, could it then be separated from the body it had grown on? Could I bear to part with one artwork...this is a day for visions, thoughts and dreams.
The lovely detail at the foot of the frame.
Wonderful Lion masks....I am wondering if the textile work could somehow be put onto the seems a shame to take the bevelled glass away completely...something to ponder.

A Wonderful Find

This had been thrown away by another artist, it is in need of repair but will be such a beautiful frame for a piece of very simple....but deep textile artwork.
I usually prefer plain rustic wood for frames, but this is crying out to be used and needs a work that is both the opposite of what the frame stands for and yet blends beautifully in context...
Once again I see my favourite words of "the unlike being joined"...I believe this contrast will always be important to me.