Sunday, 13 February 2011

A Wonderful Find

This had been thrown away by another artist, it is in need of repair but will be such a beautiful frame for a piece of very simple....but deep textile artwork.
I usually prefer plain rustic wood for frames, but this is crying out to be used and needs a work that is both the opposite of what the frame stands for and yet blends beautifully in context...
Once again I see my favourite words of "the unlike being joined"...I believe this contrast will always be important to me.


Sea Angels said...

goodness it is beautiful, what a beautiful thing to own Ellen xxx
Warm Hugs Lynn x

Ellen said...

my goodness must have been commenting as I was editing the one that "went wrong" LOL
yes, it is lovely....and I know it is waiting for something special.
I hope things are going well for you now...I have tonsillitis!
Ellen xx

Sea Angels said...

I'm so sorry you are poorly xx me too I have been sick and sore throat...ha ha what a mess we are, but my computor makes me feel better especially when I see your post pop up, I know there will always be a visual treat xxx
Warm hugs and get better soon xxxx