Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year, from my home to yours

Time with family and friends has been wonderful through Christmastime, and now the year is nearly done. I've had a break from my artwork, but will will be starting again next week, and then will be putting new things on my blog....but for now, here are some quick glimpses just taken of my home...taken with the flash in the evening, so a little "cold looking"...but here are some "old friends" anyway.

Some glimpses from both the sitting room...and the kitchen of my tiny home.
Wishing all of my blogger friends a peaceful,happy and blessed New Year xxx


Sea Angels said...

Wishing you the most lovely New year too, full of delights and lovely surprises good health and Happiness. How lovely to see such pretty pictures of you cosy home
Hugs Lynn xxxx

Ellen said...

Thank you Lynn...I wish you the same too and every blessing for the New Year.
Ellen xxx