Thursday, 18 August 2011

Work in Progress

Long ago when I bought a quantity of antique lace from an auction, lots of the narrow ones were wrapped around old envelopes or pieces of card.
One however, was wrapped round an invitation to an exhibition of "Boys Work" in order to raise funds for deep sea fishermen.
In tiny letter at the bottom I read "needlework by Widows of deep sea fishermen" and once again I thought of how needlework and womans art and craft work was always secondary.
The card is dated 1896, and the matter of the widows needlework fits in so well with my ongoing theme, so I knew that I wanted to make it the centre of a piece of work.
I had been keeping an antique scrimshaw bone brooch for " something special", and it fits in perfectly, along with the little mother of pearl cross which reflects the faith of some of the folk and the work ...which is still going on I believe at The Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen at Gorleston near Yarmouth.
When the piece is finished, I shall send them a picture of it; here is a little of the "work in progress":

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Sea Angels said...

very though provoking Ellen
beautiful colours
Lynn xx