Saturday, 30 April 2011

Getting ready to exhibit

I'm almost ready....just the second dress to finish and all those last minute fiddly bits, but thankfully all of the making is done...apart from a new piece that I started tonight, but I think I will just include it as a "work in progress" as there will be no time for framing or hanging....also, I'm not sure at this stage what I want to turn it into, so I can relax about it.
I nearly didn't get my cards printed in time as of course the photography had to come first, and before I could do ,that the work had to be finished....I have started to have some weird stress dreams, but the cards arrived today after paying an exorbitant extra charge for speed printing and posting ...another lesson learned!
There are 6 different images I think, but I do like the partial shots...especially these two from the camisole and collar hangings:


Sea Angels said...

Sorry to miss a post but I have been away xx I want to say how beautiful these are and I love the Mother of Pearl bird..wishing you lots of luck and nerves of steel ha ha xx
Lynn xx

Sandy Mastroni said...

dear Ellen !
I'm so HAPPY you visited me ! Thank you
God bless you