Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Song of the Shirt: Woman's Song

Here is another work,the same size as the birds....vintage blanket and unworked printed embroidery linen from 1925 join with Victorian silk, my own embroidery and mother of pearl artifacts to make my own "Woman's Song":
O man with sisters dear,
O men with mothers and wives,
It is not linens you're wearing out
But human creatures lives.
Stitch, stitch, stitch...
in poverty hunger and dirt,
Sewing at once with a double thread
A shroud as well as a shirt. ( from "Song of the Shirt",Thomas Hood)


Sea Angels said...

I love both of these pieces... you have magic in your fingers although I must admit, I covet those beautiful clothes so very much.
Happy sewing Ellen hugs Lynn xxx

Are you curious about me? said...

Love this work Ellen, both pieces and poetry.

Ellen said...

Thank you Lynne, and Julie....have been experimenting with the 2D pieces, but also have two dresses on the way xx

Susan Perrine said...

Hi Ellen, your blog was forwarded by a friend. Your images are lovely. Love song of the shirt. Thank you for sharing textiles PLUS poetry! fabulous. I was part of an Maine Craft Association exhibit in last year and poetry was integrated.


Ellen said...

Thank you so much Susan....I love to combine writing, especially poetry with my work.
I have just written a story to go with another body of work, which I will put images of onto the blog as soon as the exhibition opens next week.