Saturday, 17 July 2010

The Two Shows

Of the two shows, New designers was definitely the most interesting for me, and the most rewarding with offers to buy garments from the collection from both private and industry related didn't take long to decide that the integrity of my work is the most important thing, and however tempting I have decided not to sell into the industry, but to persue the art side. I would be quite happy to do freelance design work for commercial purposes ( we have to eat!), but I really want to continue with the "Exquisite Poverty" project as I think it is more of a beginning now for me, rather than the end and I feel excited about the future and inspired to keep going.


Sea Angels said...

I hope you manage to forge ahead with your fabulous project...I can guess only beautiful work will come from it, you are a star!
Hugs Lynn x

Ellen said...

Thank you Lynn for you lovely message...I so want to start making again, but there have been a lot of things going on which I shall blog once they are more certain. I love your blog, and shall hope to make mine more interesting, but a bit of a novice with it at the momnent and have only got as far as changing the colour....and I'm not certain I shall stay with that yet! x