Saturday, 3 July 2010

More Appologies !!

Exhibiting this week at the New Designers Show, Islington has been both exhausting and exciting....I have realised that there has just been no time to write here in my blog, but tomorrow is the last day of the show...then it will be a priority as I have so much to share about this show and Graduate Fashion Week, plus lots of images of my work and ongoing news.


Sea Angels said...

Hello Ellen I hope you have recovered from the show. It was a real pleasure to meet you and talk about your work. Your work I must say is drop dead gorgeous.
Hugs Lynn x

Ellen said...

Thank you Lynn....I am still behind with my blog, as I had friends from overseas visiting, but I really must get onto it this week...I feel quite guilty about it now! It was lovely talking to you...the time has gone so quickly since the show and all seems a bit strange now, with all the work over...but it's just the start of another journey...another season, once I get myself organised again, that is! xx