Tuesday, 11 May 2010

48 Hours of First Time Journalism

Last Thursday, I agreed to enter the Graduate Fshion award for Journalism...I had left it rather late to make the descision, and the work had to be received by Monday 10th, this week. On agreeing, I had assumed that the finished writing would be sent by email, so it was a shock on realising that it was the actual wriiten work which had to be sent in.
The only way to do it was to work through the night, which I did...noting that Bird Song was at 4.27am, and that by that time I was feeling slightly sick! I am very glad that I finished it, as it was a real discipline; also, knowing now that I was able to actually produce 1500 words on a new subject overnight has shown me that I can write. However, I do not think it was the best work I could have done, as I was tired and limited for time, so I am not expecting to win an award, but several lessons have been learned by this experience, so it was well worth the "pain". This came in the form of a two day migraine afterwards! it is not necessarily about the imediate reward, but the journey involved...and I did enjoy the writing experience.

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