Sunday, 18 April 2010

The third dress: a work in progress

Descisions about the design for this garments have been more difficult, as I realised that I needed to use my original stitched self portrait, for authenticity.It would be so easy just to make "vintage" put lovely old lace and fabrics together to make clothes...however, that is not what this project is is much deeper, and everything must be deeply considered.I wanted to use the soft bamboo wadding for the bodice, cutting and stitching it as I had done for Indigo 2008.Here it will have elements of Victorian line and stitch whilst combining with the "poor" fabrics of wadding and lining, and the rich details of antique lace and Mother Of Pearl artifacts used sparingly, for the contrast of "exquisite". The lovely old fine woolen shawl will add the atmosphere of history and the working class woman, whilst touches of vintage print and lace in the skirt, appliqued quite naively will add to that.

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Ellen said...

As of now...this bodice has been taken off the dress as it just didn't work....I may just use it as a sample but for the time being have just put it aside and started work on a different one. The problem was that it was just too bulky under the shawl that I hope to add.